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When I entered the store I was somewhat aloof I just wanted to browse around. One of the sales agent (Lenny) came up...
The salesperson was easy to speak to and so patient with us while we were trying to find the right bedroom set for ou...

Granada TV Base w/Panel SET

by ESF

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TV Base Is Designed To Be Used With TV Panel. TV Base Designed To Be Used Without TV Panel Available For Special Order Only. Assembling instruction: 1. The wooden beveled strips are screwed in to the wall and then the panel with the opposite bevel to fix together is hung to the strips. 2. The holes are always made by the assemblers as each home is different as well as TV cabling positions. 3. In order to attach the TV it requires the same TV wall bracket either the official TV brand bracket or a universal bracket. Each TV is different and requires different needs, it is important to follow the TV manufacturer's specifications. The panel is a decorative feature which is fixed between the TV and the wall, all hardware and brackets for the TV are still required. Finishes: WHITE HIGH GLOSS / ARENA HIGH GLOSS
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